1370W Vehicle DDS Signal Jammer Full Band 20-6000MHz Military Convoy Full Anti-Explosion Bomb Signal Jammer Army Convoy VIP Anti-Explosion Bomb RF Signal Jammer

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Technical Specification:

(1) Working frequency: 20MHz~6000MHz,full-band with seamless shielding
(2) Output Power: Up to 1370W
(3) Power consumption: 3500W
(4) Shield range: 50m~200m(Depending on the environment of signal strength)
(5) Internal modulation mode: Direct digital frequency synthesis(DDS)
(6) Power supply: 220VAC&28VDC
(7) Scanning speed: fixed
(8) Antenna: External Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 degree protection
(9) Power Amplifier Protection
A. Overheating protecton- Thermal protector
B. Over current protection,
C. high input voltage and low voltage protection,
D. voltage standing wave ratio protection:  antenna matching including open circuit and short circuit

20-6000MHz Military Convoy Full Anti-Explosion Bomb Signal Jammer
(10) Remote control (wire control LCD panel) :
A. Output power LCD Indication
B. Each CH output power adjustment.
C. Each CH output ON/OFF control.
D. Each CH shield frequency setting.
(11) Dimension: 625 x 510 x700mm
(12) Weight: about 100kg
(13) Operation Temperature::-10ºC - +55ºC
(14) Humidity: 5% -  90%

Frequency Band:
Working frequency          Output Power
1) 20-80MHz                        100w
2) 80-200MHz                      100w
3) 200-500MHz                    100w
4) 500-1000MHz                  100w
5) 1000-1500MHz                100w
6) 1500-2000MHz                100w
7) 2000-2500MHz                100w
8) 2500-3000MHz                100w
9) 870-880MHz                     100w
10) 935-960MHz                   100w
11) 1805-1920MHz               100w
12) 2010-2125MHz               100w
13) 2110-2155MHz               100w
14) 3000-4000MHz               25w
15) 4000-5000MHz               25w
16) 5000-6000MHz               25w
Total                                     1370W

System accessories:
(1) 16pcs external omni antenna;
(2) 16pcs 4m long feeder with connector use for antenna and equipment
(3) 1 set car roof antenna installation box 
(4) 1 set wire control LCD Panel

(1) The equipment a vehicle-mounted high power jammer designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices(RCIED) used by terrorist.
(2) The equipment use advanced technology max jamming signal, to prevent the bomb detonated.
(3) The equipment of the protective radius depends on several conditions, such as transmitting frequency and output power, to the receiver(Bomb) distance, obstacles ect.


(1) Using DDS Jamming technology to make the Frequency setting more precise;
(2) Highly efficient RF output power, shield radius long,
(3) Slow start up design of circuit to make the device work stably; Perfect self protection: overheating protection, over current protection, high input voltage and low voltage protection, voltage standing wave ratio protection, etc.;
(4) Easy to operate, the use of line control panel monitor system;
(5) Built-in backup battery, can be in without external power supply support equipment work 1 hour.
(6) Some Part of the antenna installation in the car roof of antenna box,concealment and artistic



(1) Military Convoy
(2) VIP protection
(3) RIOT Control
(4) S.W.A.T
(5) EOD Operations
(6) Electronic countermeasure, etc

Working frequency: 20MHz~6000MHz,full-band with seamless shielding,Output Power: Up to 1370W,Power consumption: 3500W,Shield range: 50m~200m(Depending on the environment of signal strength),Internal modulation mode: Direct digital frequency synthesis(DDS),Power supply: 220VAC&28VDC,Antenna: External Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 degree protection
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