Anti Spy Portable Wireless Radio Frequency Rf Detector RF / Lens Detector Digital Signals of GSM / WIFI / Bluetooth / FM / VHF / UHF /Wireless Audio Video Transmission

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1. Introduction

wireless and invisible earphone detector / cheating detector / examinations detection dogs, Detector of the wireless earphone can detect the exact position of the wireless earphone and capture the cheating behaviors in the radium range between 10 and 15 meter.

The veracity has achieved 95% in experimentation. It is widely used in various examinations

2. Technical parameters:


5.1 TX: 0.1GMHz – 5.8 GM Hz

  5.2 Power supply: 4V 600Ma

  5.3 Detecting range: Radius 0.5-15 M

  5.4 Color:  blue

  5.5 Distinguish of direction : <±15°

  5.6 Stethoscope : 6db

  5.7 Dimension: 96*58*24 mm

  5.8 Weight: 50g

  5.9 Working environment

     Temperature : -40°C ~ 50°C

     Relative humility: < 80%

3. Features

3.1 It can exact detect and locate the position of various communication equipments (cellphone, interphone, high-power transmitter inner car, dictographs, wireless pinhole camera, wireless video communication equipment, wireless communication equipment and other kinds of homemade communication equipments like radio etc.)

3.2 It can detect and locate the position of the various wireless earphone exactly, and can hear the voice (including anti-cheating , anti-monitor wireless earphone).

3.3 Inductive & passive detecting technology, no radiation.

3.4 It is made up-to-date paste components and integrated circuits with advanced performance and low power. Standby continuously for a long time.

3.5 With intelligent analysis software inside which will make the alarm accurately and in time.

3.6 The software can upgrade to suit the further requirement.

3.7 Detect the signal exactly even for weak signals.

4. Working Area

Exam Room, Secret place, Special place, Security place

TX: 0.1GMHz – 5.8 GM Hz,Power supply: 4V 600Ma,Detecting range: Radius 0.5-15 M,Distinguish of direction : <±15°,Stethoscope : 6db,Dimension: 96*58*24 mm,Weight: 50g
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