Signal Jammer 360 Degree Vehicle Car Anti Drone Signal Jammer System With Remote Control And Camera Detection

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(1)  We could supply customized service by your detail requirements about frequencies setting. All Frequency modules we can mix very flexibly.

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Product Description

(1) 360 Degree Car Vehicle Anti Drone Signal Jammer System With Remote Control And Camera Detection

(2) It can protect the vehicle from drone attack when driving or parking in a radius 1000-2000meter

(3) It will cut off drone ground remote control, GPS moving and data transmission. 


(1) Application: Air security for Car, Truck, Tank, Other vehicles, etc. 

(2) Shield target: drone and other UAV 

(3) Shield range: 1000-2000meter 360 degree 

(4) Camera Detection: 20x zoom 2 megapixel high resolution detection 

(5) Remote control: too look camera detection photo and video; control the whole machine 

(6) Work time: continuous use 24 hours with power supply 

(7) Unmanned monitor: can connect computer for real time monitoring 

Technical Data:

Jamming Frequency Details 



Output Power


1580-1620 MHZ






5720-5850 MHZ


The TS-CZ02 vehicle-mounted defense system is mainly used to prevent emergency emergencies. The emergency vehicle control system has been designed and developed. The system adopts advanced vehicle improvement technology, radio and television detection and tracking technology, electromagnetic suppression technology, computer communication technology and image processing technology. , formed a mobile vehicle control center.


Our this anti-UAV system is designed for the "low-small and small" UAVs with low flying height, slow moving speed and small radar scattering area. It combines active and passive radar, visible light, infrared and other detection methods, and takes various measures from Communication, navigation, and mission load are used to interfere with drones, limit the flow of information to the limit, and realize effective detection, monitoring, and combat of drones throughout the day and around the clock, thereby eliminating threats to important targets. 


When the UAV intrusion is detected, the UAV Interference System automatically adjusts the frequency and direction of the electromagnetic interference to implement precise electromagnetic interference to achieve drone and forced landing in the control area. It can realize UAV monitoring, detection and tracking in the 8km range, and its effective range can reach 13km in an open environment.


The detection device can automatically track the active target in the detection area, display the motion track of the active target reported in the defense area in real time through the monitoring screen, and perform image recognition, display and storage through the photoelectric tracking system. The system can display the monitoring front-end detection and monitoring range on the electronic map. Target coordinate information can be provided through linkage of various front-end detection devices, and the position information and real-time motion trajectory of the target can be displayed in real time. It is also possible to manually set multiple alarm zones and alarm lines of any shape on the electronic map, and to perform automatic sound and light alarms on the moving targets in the alarm zone and over the alarm line.

We could supply customized service by your detail requirements about frequencies setting. All Frequency modules we can mix very flexibly.

CDMA 800:851-894MHz                              
GSM 900:925-960MHz                              
DCS 1800:1800-1880MHz                          
PHS 1900:1920-1990MHz
3G 2100(UMTS):2110-2170MHz
WIFI 2.4G Bluetooth:2400-2500MHz
WiFi3.6G: 3500-3600MHz
Wi-Fi5.2G: 5100-5500MHz
WIFI 5.8G5725-5850MHz
4G/LTE 700M:725-770MHz(US)
4G/LTE 800M:790-826MHz(EU)
4G Wimax:2300-2400MHz(US)
4G Wimax:2620-2690MHz(EU)

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