Suitcase Signal Jammer Drone Jammer Portable UAV Jammer Anti Drone Device Intercept System

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Suitcase-type UAV anti jammer is a high-power portable Drone interception device independently developed by TXtelsig. It supports multi-band long-distance interception and can effectively intercept the UAV, to let the drone to forced landing or forced return. The suitcase box design is easy to carry on and operate. And on the other side, it looks like an ordinary suitcase, and will not attract the attention of others, no one knows that it's a jammer device.

When aimed and fixed on a drone, UAV blocker disrupts the radio and GPS signals guiding it. And it can do so up from up to 1500 meters away, making it a long-range weapon.

Product Features:

1.Two styles, high power jammer or low power jammer for your option

2. Handheld suitcase design, easy to carry and operate

3. WIth cooling fan and aluminum alloy to form a great cooling system to heat dissipation

4 The low power jammer jamming distance is 500- 1500 meters, 500 meters is to FH UAV.

   The high power jamming range is 1000-3000 meters, 1000 meters is to FH UAV.

5. Just interfere with drones and have no effect on ordinary life signals like phone or others.

6. Fast to solve, the drone scrambler force a drone landing just need about 20 seconds

7. Effectively excoriate the drones spy or crash-landing.


How to Use
2.4G/5.8GONDrone fored return
2.4G/5.8GOFFDrone in Pose Mode
2.4G/5.8GONDrone will be forced landing


styleChannelWorking frequency

Output power 


Output power 


low power style
CH12.4G2400-2485MHz40 dBm10W
CH35.8G5725-5850MHz37 dBm5W
CH2GPSL11560-162040 dBm10W
high power style
CH35.8G5725-5850MHz43 dBm20W
CH2GPSL11560-162043 dBm20W

Model No.TS-RD01
StyleA:25W or B:60W
Signal Bands2.4g, 5.8g, 1.5g(GPS)
Power supply modeAC100-220V, DC:24V
Battery life1-2 hours
Temperature-20 to +55
Net Weight6KG

Mainly applied to prisons, airports, scientific research centers, detention houses, interrogation rooms, courthouses, labor camp, all kinds of military important places, forbid aerial photography by use of drone, etc

Style A:25W or B:60W,Signal Bands 2.4g, 5.8g, 1.5g(GPS),Power supply mode AC100-220V, DC:24V,Battery life 1-2 hours,Temperature -20℃ to +55℃,Net Weight 6KG,Size 870*285*80mm
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